Time Traveller 2030

Time Traveller 2030

Partnership: St James’ Settlement

Year 2022- 2023

To raise awareness of youths’ career planning mindset about “Future of Work” and level up their future work skills and technological capabilities, HKBN Talent CSI Fund partnered with St. James’ Settlement to launch the “Time Traveller 2030” initiative in June to November 2023. The programme allowed youth to initiate ideations on ICT’s role in enabling business and social service sectors in the future.


“Time Traveller 2030” was conducted in two phases. In Phase 1, local tertiary students majoring in ICT or business were invited to contribute to the development of “Future ICT Solutions” with leading commercial companies. In Phase 2, tertiary students and fresh graduates hope to drive digital transformation in the social services sector that can cater to future social needs.


45 youths participated in a series of inspiring bootcamps and cross-disciplinary exchanges, organised in the unconventional framework of a “Business Trip to the Future”. The programme culminated in a competition in which two teams, namely “FutureInn” and “Life Reimagined”, stood out as winners for their futuristic solutions that push the boundaries of creativity and practicality in digital strategy for hotels to assist with guest services and for social workers to help patients with anxiety disorder respectively in two different phases.