Background, Mission and Vision


HKBN Talent CSI Fund (“CSI Fund”) is an independently operated charity with an aim to support youth related social investment projects through innovative and out-of-the-box ideas to help mitigate social issues and address community needs. CSI Fund was first established in 2015 with an initial seed funding of HK$5 million from Co-Owners of HKBN Ltd. (“HKBN”). In 2020, HKBN’s Co-Owners donated another 4 million of their HKBN shares (including twice a year share dividends), with further shares pledged for donation in the future, to sustainably empower CSI Fund and its purposeful initiatives. To date, the Fund has organised over 50 projects which have touched the lives of over 8,300 beneficiaries.

CSI Fund is a charitable institution exempt from tax under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance. The Board of Directors of CSI Fund comprises of a mix of HKBN Talents and community leaders.


Sometimes, it’s not always good to follow.
We’re here to empower youths with the courage and ability
to walk their own path.


There are many ways to help others.
We believe in a different approach that harnesses innovative ideas to work with youths and those who wish to help!

Not willing to let your dreams disappear;
Want to pave your own way with creativity?
Let’s build it for yourself, your teammates and the next generation.

As long as you have the courage,
we will walk with you to open a new path in your journey!

Wherever you are looking to build your future, we will try our best to help
Our range of support includes:

● The funding you may need
● External advice
● Seasoned professional expertise you may need

...Take the chance to ask for help, and we will be there to lend a hand.
The most important is to break through your limits!


Through our work, we seek to help youths elevate themselves in three key areas:

1. Work skills
2. Resilience
3. Technological capabilities

Core Values

● Advancement comes from breakthroughs, so don’t just follow others
● If you’re brave enough to try, we’ll be bold enough to support!
● Innovation is key; imitation is the bane of creativity!
● Your ideas can be as wild as the wind, but not meaning you should jump off a cliff!
● Don’t settle with saying no, imagine what you can do if you just try
● Never stay still, opportunities not taken are opportunities missed!